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How to Install SQ-1 JP Automatically (Pressure Switch) Jet Jet Pump & Spring

Pressure Switch SQ-1 JP is the automatic switch water pump for special pump Jet Pump Jet & Spring. This switch works because of the encouragement from the rotation of the pump jet engine itself, so if there is a water pressure then the power will be disconnected as otherwise when trekanan is reduced then the electricity flowing to the machine pump will die.

Water pump Jet pump

Jet pump is excellent used as a provider of water supply that is essential for the daily needs of the household. Jet pump itself can be classified as a water vacuum in which supported by an electric motor that has a great power, propeller pumps, and also high-pressure water sprayers. The nature of jet pump itself is this pump can push or lift the liquid from a very deep. This pump wear, where with ejector principle changes the thrust of a nozzle that is caused by the flow of media that can be either a liquid or gas used in mengankat fluid upward.

Jet pump motor itself is a pump with motor two phase that requires the existence of a capacitor as the phase slider. These pumps have no moving parts and are made with a very simple construction, which naturally limits the effectiveness of the work of the jet pump itself.

Pressure switch the brand JP type SQ-1 is one of the brands that are widely used with the following specs:

Semi-automatic machines are used for Jet Jet Pump &
Weight: 400gr \
Brand: JP
Type: SQ-1
The shape of the drat: Drat Luark
Size: 1/4 "


Although the shape and size of this tool is relatively small, but still a lot of people are confused how to apply them. To set it up is very easy.

first open the lid, then will be seen two blocks i.e. left and right. Provide two electrical wires that will connect to the PLN (plugs) then both the cable dibaut 1 to each block. Likewise the 2 cables from the engine.

To know how to pemasngannya, just look at sticker behind the lid (the inside). L1 and L2 (cable from PLN), M (motor/engine). If there dibaut, arde into the bottom plate of the body, there are 2 bolts.

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