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How Ironing silk cloth Right

Silk is a natural protein fiber that can be woven into textiles. The most common type of silk is the silk from the cocoons of the mulberry silkworm larvae (mori in captivity) that diternak (Caterpillar farm that's called serikultur). Silk has a soft texture is smooth, but not slippery. The form of glimmering silk that became the attraction comes from the triangular prism-like structures in the fibers that make Silk cloths can be membiaskan the light from different angles.

Silk has properties that fall, mild wear elegant and memorable, making silk dress material chosen for many parties. Silk is also fine-textured, soft, but not slick. Therefore this type of cloth have a price comparable with the comfort and luxury that can be obtained pemekainya.

High quality silk fabric care making must also be true. While the process of washing and drying must be carried out in a manner that carefully so that the silk dress preserved its beauty.

Ironing tips the right silk fabric

When ironing silk fabric from the iron so the inside of the clothes while still damp.
Set the iron on a low temperature/warm (warm/level silk).
Avoid wetting the parts to be ironed because it can leave scars on the fabric.
To remove wrinkles on fabric silk try this way: a hanging clothes in the bathroom when showering. Indoor humidity is believed can help smooth the wrinkles padakain silk.
When you are forced to use a steam iron, should be more careful because a steam flat irons can leave a permanent scar steam on silk.

At first glance the above certainly seem cumbersome, but good treatment on silk shirt will keep the durability and beauty.

To take care of its fragrance and tenderness you papat menampahkan solution of water that has been mixed and softener clothes clothing deodorizer on the last rinse.
deodorizer and softener clothes will make the texture of the fabric is getting soft and restores freshness. (Source)

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