Kamis, 25 Agustus 2016

Here's How To Clean Gold Jewelry

Gold jewelry that you wear is inseparable travel malang juanda from the stain that comes from dust, sweat, even from the rest of bath SOAP. The following simple Tips to restore the luster of the gold that seduced the, which you can do at home to clean it ...

Use SOAP and water, the way the bowl, and then squirt liquid Sanitizer to taste soft plates and fill with warm water. Soak jewelry in gold more than 15 minutes.
Clean the dirt, After soaking, lift the jewelry from the Bowl containing the soapy water, then slowly brush with a soft toothbrush to remove the dirt that is inherent in jewelry or sela-selanya.
Rinse with warm water, use lukewarm water to clean the remnants of the SOAP in jewelry.
Pat dry, to dry Your gold jewelry, use smooth cloth.

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