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Full Face Helmet Caring Tips

The helmet is a form of body protection worn on the head and are usually made of metal or other hard materials such as kevlar, a fiber, resin or plastic.

The helmet is usually used as a protection of the head for a variety of activities battle (military), or civilian activities such as sports, mining, or drive. A helmet can give extra protection on the part of the head (depending on its structure) from falling objects or high-speed.

In some countries, the mandatory helmet use for motorists, even obliging for motorized cyclist. In the United Kingdom only Sikhs are allowed not to wear a helmet because of having to wear turbans.

Helmets full face helmet is a form that can be memimalisir accident on the head because the form that covered the whole head. However this type of helmets will be kurangnyaman when we are less understood in the care of him causing a moldy odor, helmet, thus making the itchy head. Here are some ways to take care of a full face helmet:

It is most often is the inside of the helmet became wet, causing the smell unpleasant. This can be prevented by distancing the helmet from wet, such as exposed to rainwater directly, for example when you parked the vehicle out in the open, we recommend a helmet is not placed or hung on the motor but it would be nice is deposited in the daycare helmet. This is to anticipate the helmet so that you do not kehujanan time ditinngal.
Though not exposed to wet, we recommend that you check menjemurn the position of the helmet upside down and the whole helmet vents open. These things you can do when the helmet is complete dipakani to travel far, so perspiration and damp air that got stuck in the helmet could quickly evaporate.
That is not less important is washing your helmet once a month, these activities do not cause itching on your scalp and menimbuklkan smell on your hair when it is worn. In the wash of the helmet, you can do it yourself or washed in a special place of the washing of the helmet. Read: "how to wash the helmet"

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