Kamis, 25 Agustus 2016

A Variety Of Helpful Kitchen Tips

The following are things simple, useful, and can facilitate your activities in the kitchen that you might not know about.

To make it easier to peel eggs already boiled, dip eggs into ice water when the eggs baked or in a State of heat heat.
So chili doesn't explode-letup when deep fried, then fried before use a knife to stab a pepper.
When you cook the broccoli, cauliflower, kale, arnong/watercress or velvetleaf then wash your vegetables cooked before it with clean water, and in the first rinse DAB a dollop of salt then let sit for a moment to let the animals an animal life may be small dibatang and the leaves are dead. Common types of animals there are like leeches, snails, grubs and worms for water.
In order to know when they are kept clean, wash with water, then flush with hot water, then wipe with kitchen paper towels, save it in the tupperware cover tightly, then place in refrigerator Insha allah can stand 1minggu.
To find out the rotten eggs or can't use a pumice-water test, if it floats above the water mark rotten eggs
When will whisk the eggs to a range of cake, make sure the eggs in a State room temperature (not chilled because out of the refrigerator, it can make the dough not ngembang)
Store vegetables in the refrigerator we recommend using a used newspapers and magazines, as this could prevent dew vegetables pooled vegetable that could lead to fast stinking, so don't use plastic Yes!
When your refrigerator smell try dividing the potatoes and place in refrigerator shelf, potatoes can neutralize the odor so it is able to eliminate the odor is not savoury in refrigerator.
In order for the fish from sticking dipenggorengan, use a pan that is specific to the FRY, never fry a fish diwajan or ever used for sautéing, because it is definitely ikanyang fried will be sticky and devastated when reversed, could also brush a bit of salt to the skillet before dituangi the oil.
To get rid of heat in the hands due to too long contact with chillies or Sambal, (the Javanese Word wedhangen hand) could be by way of clean washing hands with SOAP to 2 or 3kali, then wipe and insert the hand into the rice, then squeeze-squeeze rice briefly, In Sha Allah sense heat, others will be lost.
In order that the eye is not grievous when slicing the onion, place the container contains salt addition to the chopping block, in this way avoiding the eyes of the powerful God willing to prevent grievous
So that rice did not visit lice rice, put a pack of plastic yg contains some ground coffee spoon, then give a little hole plastiknya. Rice lice don't like coffee aroma so God willing he will not dare to go to rice.
If the Cookware dull due to stains from colored spices such as turmeric, or a pot that is too often made to boil the water so yellowish try this: take a spoonful of baking soda give a little water rub-rub it into the Pan, let stand briefly, then rinse ... If there are still stains could be repeated again until the stain is gone.
So kates, flower leaves kates/papaya and melon/pariah not too bitter when cooked, good boiled sauteed briefly in before the water decoction of guava leaves. (how, boil water, grab some guava leaves, wait until boiling, stir in the leaves of guava, wait 5 minutes, enter the flower/leaves of papaya/pare) let stand briefly and turn off the heat. After that drain and ready to be cooked to taste (kalo leaves pepayanya to kulupan, can be boiled until cooked along with the leaves of the guava)
In order for the tempe nonperishable, do not store near the salt.
Avoid wash goat meat because it can make the flesh odor.

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