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Here's How To Clean Gold Jewelry

Gold jewelry that you wear is inseparable travel malang juanda from the stain that comes from dust, sweat, even from the rest of bath SOAP. The following simple Tips to restore the luster of the gold that seduced the, which you can do at home to clean it ...

Use SOAP and water, the way the bowl, and then squirt liquid Sanitizer to taste soft plates and fill with warm water. Soak jewelry in gold more than 15 minutes.
Clean the dirt, After soaking, lift the jewelry from the Bowl containing the soapy water, then slowly brush with a soft toothbrush to remove the dirt that is inherent in jewelry or sela-selanya.
Rinse with warm water, use lukewarm water to clean the remnants of the SOAP in jewelry.
Pat dry, to dry Your gold jewelry, use smooth cloth.

Wood-Based Furniture Cleaning Tips

Furniture or furniture is home which includes kitchen set malang all equipment items such as chairs, tables, and cabinets. The furniture comes from the movable, meaning it could move. In ancient times the table chairs and cabinets are relatively easily driven from the great rock, wall, and roof. While the furniture is derived from the word France fourniture (1520-30 ad). Fourniture origin word meaning a fournir furnish or furniture home or room. Although the furniture and furniture have different meanings, but in the same designated namely tables, chairs, cabinets, and so on.

In other words, furniture or furniture are all objects that are in the House and used by the occupants to sit, lie down, or to keep small objects such as clothing or mug. Furniture made of wood, leather, planks, screws, etc.

Before the Admin share simple tips on how to clean a fornitur made from wood, it's best to know also about the placement of forniture, such as:

Avoid positioning the furniture in a place exposed to the Sun directly, it is useful so that the color is not dull and quick layer not cracked or warped quickly.
We recommend that you place the wooden furniture in a place that is dry due to high air humidity can lead to mold and termites.

How to clean forniture:

Use a feather duster or rag to clean the surface of the furniture, while for the sidelines or ornament carving can be cleaned with a small brush smooth reply.
Specifically for stubborn dirt on the surface of the furniture, how clean it is in a way using dilap rag ball with water and a little detergent and let it dry out.
During the process of pembersihkan do not often use cleaning materials containing furniture sulvent because it can damage the lining of the top coating of furniture.
For light stains such as water stains wipe using toothpaste on the cloth that's been drenched with water.
As for cleaning up the stain of the former candle can with blow dryer directed to candle wax stain until the stain is melted again and then wipe with a soft cloth. Then rub with a cloth wet with a little mixed vinegar.
While, to clean up the former wooden furniture, a sticker on her way with her a little bit of cooking oil on stickers that want to clean, let the oil sink in and then rub with a soft cloth and repeat until the sticker regardless and shame are gone.

How Ironing silk cloth Right

Silk is a natural protein fiber that can be woven into textiles. The most common type of silk is the silk from the cocoons of the mulberry silkworm larvae (mori in captivity) that diternak (Caterpillar farm that's called serikultur). Silk has a soft texture is smooth, but not slippery. The form of glimmering silk that became the attraction comes from the triangular prism-like structures in the fibers that make Silk cloths can be membiaskan the light from different angles.

Silk has properties that fall, mild wear elegant and memorable, making silk dress material chosen for many parties. Silk is also fine-textured, soft, but not slick. Therefore this type of cloth have a price comparable with the comfort and luxury that can be obtained pemekainya.

High quality silk fabric care making must also be true. While the process of washing and drying must be carried out in a manner that carefully so that the silk dress preserved its beauty.

Ironing tips the right silk fabric

When ironing silk fabric from the iron so the inside of the clothes while still damp.
Set the iron on a low temperature/warm (warm/level silk).
Avoid wetting the parts to be ironed because it can leave scars on the fabric.
To remove wrinkles on fabric silk try this way: a hanging clothes in the bathroom when showering. Indoor humidity is believed can help smooth the wrinkles padakain silk.
When you are forced to use a steam iron, should be more careful because a steam flat irons can leave a permanent scar steam on silk.

At first glance the above certainly seem cumbersome, but good treatment on silk shirt will keep the durability and beauty.

To take care of its fragrance and tenderness you papat menampahkan solution of water that has been mixed and softener clothes clothing deodorizer on the last rinse.
deodorizer and softener clothes will make the texture of the fabric is getting soft and restores freshness. (Source)

A Variety Of Helpful Kitchen Tips

The following are things simple, useful, and can facilitate your activities in the kitchen that you might not know about.

To make it easier to peel eggs already boiled, dip eggs into ice water when the eggs baked or in a State of heat heat.
So chili doesn't explode-letup when deep fried, then fried before use a knife to stab a pepper.
When you cook the broccoli, cauliflower, kale, arnong/watercress or velvetleaf then wash your vegetables cooked before it with clean water, and in the first rinse DAB a dollop of salt then let sit for a moment to let the animals an animal life may be small dibatang and the leaves are dead. Common types of animals there are like leeches, snails, grubs and worms for water.
In order to know when they are kept clean, wash with water, then flush with hot water, then wipe with kitchen paper towels, save it in the tupperware cover tightly, then place in refrigerator Insha allah can stand 1minggu.
To find out the rotten eggs or can't use a pumice-water test, if it floats above the water mark rotten eggs
When will whisk the eggs to a range of cake, make sure the eggs in a State room temperature (not chilled because out of the refrigerator, it can make the dough not ngembang)
Store vegetables in the refrigerator we recommend using a used newspapers and magazines, as this could prevent dew vegetables pooled vegetable that could lead to fast stinking, so don't use plastic Yes!
When your refrigerator smell try dividing the potatoes and place in refrigerator shelf, potatoes can neutralize the odor so it is able to eliminate the odor is not savoury in refrigerator.
In order for the fish from sticking dipenggorengan, use a pan that is specific to the FRY, never fry a fish diwajan or ever used for sautéing, because it is definitely ikanyang fried will be sticky and devastated when reversed, could also brush a bit of salt to the skillet before dituangi the oil.
To get rid of heat in the hands due to too long contact with chillies or Sambal, (the Javanese Word wedhangen hand) could be by way of clean washing hands with SOAP to 2 or 3kali, then wipe and insert the hand into the rice, then squeeze-squeeze rice briefly, In Sha Allah sense heat, others will be lost.
In order that the eye is not grievous when slicing the onion, place the container contains salt addition to the chopping block, in this way avoiding the eyes of the powerful God willing to prevent grievous
So that rice did not visit lice rice, put a pack of plastic yg contains some ground coffee spoon, then give a little hole plastiknya. Rice lice don't like coffee aroma so God willing he will not dare to go to rice.
If the Cookware dull due to stains from colored spices such as turmeric, or a pot that is too often made to boil the water so yellowish try this: take a spoonful of baking soda give a little water rub-rub it into the Pan, let stand briefly, then rinse ... If there are still stains could be repeated again until the stain is gone.
So kates, flower leaves kates/papaya and melon/pariah not too bitter when cooked, good boiled sauteed briefly in before the water decoction of guava leaves. (how, boil water, grab some guava leaves, wait until boiling, stir in the leaves of guava, wait 5 minutes, enter the flower/leaves of papaya/pare) let stand briefly and turn off the heat. After that drain and ready to be cooked to taste (kalo leaves pepayanya to kulupan, can be boiled until cooked along with the leaves of the guava)
In order for the tempe nonperishable, do not store near the salt.
Avoid wash goat meat because it can make the flesh odor.

Tips On Caring For A Towel So As Not To Fast Is Broken

Towels are often objects we use, even two times seharikita used to dehydrate the body. Without conscious than we have been wrong to treat a towel so that the towel would be quickly broken and uncomfortable to wear again.

Towels are cared for properly can last up to ten years. The following Admins serve a few things to note in the care of a towel so as not to fast is broken.

When the finished towels used should not immediately folded so that mold does not grow fast. We recommend the Towel dried or under-anginkan in order to dry fast.
When washing towels to avoid using the softener, as this will reduce absorption towel in absorbing water as it is used for the body after bathing. In addition the residue to be locked inside and make Your towels smelled of mildew.
Avoid using towels to clean makeup, as it will leave a stain on the towel and it's hard to be eliminated. We recommend that you use a rag or facial tissue instead.
Avoid using too much detergent when washing towels, because it could create stiff towels. You can use a soft detergent such as baby detergent instead.
Do not combine with other clothes towels in the washing machine, this is because in a small washing machine, towels large collecting everything from water, dirt from clothes and detergent. But if you had to wash your towels along with other clothes, the towel after washing and before drying in the machine.
Avoid using laundry detergents with bleach when washing Your towel, because it can brighten the color spots or leave a stain. Use a soft detergent or detergent. Don't forget, you need to wash Your towels more often after roughly 3-4 times of usage

Full Face Helmet Caring Tips

The helmet is a form of body protection worn on the head and are usually made of metal or other hard materials such as kevlar, a fiber, resin or plastic.

The helmet is usually used as a protection of the head for a variety of activities battle (military), or civilian activities such as sports, mining, or drive. A helmet can give extra protection on the part of the head (depending on its structure) from falling objects or high-speed.

In some countries, the mandatory helmet use for motorists, even obliging for motorized cyclist. In the United Kingdom only Sikhs are allowed not to wear a helmet because of having to wear turbans.

Helmets full face helmet is a form that can be memimalisir accident on the head because the form that covered the whole head. However this type of helmets will be kurangnyaman when we are less understood in the care of him causing a moldy odor, helmet, thus making the itchy head. Here are some ways to take care of a full face helmet:

It is most often is the inside of the helmet became wet, causing the smell unpleasant. This can be prevented by distancing the helmet from wet, such as exposed to rainwater directly, for example when you parked the vehicle out in the open, we recommend a helmet is not placed or hung on the motor but it would be nice is deposited in the daycare helmet. This is to anticipate the helmet so that you do not kehujanan time ditinngal.
Though not exposed to wet, we recommend that you check menjemurn the position of the helmet upside down and the whole helmet vents open. These things you can do when the helmet is complete dipakani to travel far, so perspiration and damp air that got stuck in the helmet could quickly evaporate.
That is not less important is washing your helmet once a month, these activities do not cause itching on your scalp and menimbuklkan smell on your hair when it is worn. In the wash of the helmet, you can do it yourself or washed in a special place of the washing of the helmet. Read: "how to wash the helmet"

How to Install SQ-1 JP Automatically (Pressure Switch) Jet Jet Pump & Spring

Pressure Switch SQ-1 JP is the automatic switch water pump for special pump Jet Pump Jet & Spring. This switch works because of the encouragement from the rotation of the pump jet engine itself, so if there is a water pressure then the power will be disconnected as otherwise when trekanan is reduced then the electricity flowing to the machine pump will die.

Water pump Jet pump

Jet pump is excellent used as a provider of water supply that is essential for the daily needs of the household. Jet pump itself can be classified as a water vacuum in which supported by an electric motor that has a great power, propeller pumps, and also high-pressure water sprayers. The nature of jet pump itself is this pump can push or lift the liquid from a very deep. This pump wear, where with ejector principle changes the thrust of a nozzle that is caused by the flow of media that can be either a liquid or gas used in mengankat fluid upward.

Jet pump motor itself is a pump with motor two phase that requires the existence of a capacitor as the phase slider. These pumps have no moving parts and are made with a very simple construction, which naturally limits the effectiveness of the work of the jet pump itself.

Pressure switch the brand JP type SQ-1 is one of the brands that are widely used with the following specs:

Semi-automatic machines are used for Jet Jet Pump &
Weight: 400gr \
Brand: JP
Type: SQ-1
The shape of the drat: Drat Luark
Size: 1/4 "


Although the shape and size of this tool is relatively small, but still a lot of people are confused how to apply them. To set it up is very easy.

first open the lid, then will be seen two blocks i.e. left and right. Provide two electrical wires that will connect to the PLN (plugs) then both the cable dibaut 1 to each block. Likewise the 2 cables from the engine.

To know how to pemasngannya, just look at sticker behind the lid (the inside). L1 and L2 (cable from PLN), M (motor/engine). If there dibaut, arde into the bottom plate of the body, there are 2 bolts.